What's included in the Free Sample?

    1. Welcome to the Board Members' Course on Risk® / Certificate in Risk Governance® Course

    2. The Board Members Course on Risk® Brochure

    3. Sample of Introduction: Four Members of the DCRO Qualified Risk Director Governance Council Talk About The Role of Qualified Risk Directors®

    4. Sample of Core Lecture - David R. Koenig on Confident Risk-Taking and the Role of the Qualified Risk Director®

    5. A Chance to Register Now and Receive a $500 Discount

    6. Sample of Book Included in Program: Chapter One of The Board Member's Guide to Risk

    7. Session Welcome: Effective Risk Committees

    8. Sample of Core Lecture - James Lam on Effective Risk Committees

    9. Sample of Case Study Interview: Raj Singh on Effective Risk Committees in Practice

    10. Session Welcome: Intangible Risk - ESG, Ethics, and Reputation

    11. Sample of Core Lecture - Andrea Bonime-Blanc

    12. Partial Course Materials Download - Intangible Risks

    13. Sample of End of Lesson Candidate Evaluations

    14. A Chance to Register Now and Receive a $250 Discount

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