The Assessment Process

The Qualified Risk Director® is an elite recognition conferred exclusively by the DCRO Institute. Those given permission to use the designation must show a depth and breadth of experience across business, risk, leadership, and education. We grant permission to use the designation to experienced board members and senior executives from diverse industries, experiences, and geographies who successfully complete an extensive evaluation. The beginning of this evaluation is an inventory of your experiences, not a quiz, which is this self-assessment. It should take you 10-15 minutes to complete. To receive permission to use the designation, we evaluate your business experience, risk management and risk governance acumen, demonstrated leadership, and educational background. Candidates must have breadth and depth across all four areas to receive approval.  To begin your journey, click the button below and complete the Qualified Risk Director® self-assessment.

Learn More About the Self-Assessment

For more information on the questions asked and the areas of evaluation, please click on the button below.