Course curriculum

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    Lectures and Case Studies

    • Redefining Firm Risk

    • Case Study: T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert Discusses the Importance of Risk-Taking for Innovation (Watch 11:00 to 30:05)

    • Confident Risk Taking and the Role of a Qualified Risk Director®

    • The Role of (Qualified) Risk Directors, Four Members of the DCRO Qualified Risk Director Governance Council

    • Investor Risk Governance – Understanding What Investors Want

    • Case Study: A Pension Fiduciary’s Expectations from Portfolio Company Boards

    • Enterprise Risk Management

    • Case Study: Using a "Risk Lens" Approach to Engage Risk at a Non-Financial Company

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    Lecture Notes, Slides, and References

    • Course Materials - Redefining Firm Risk

    • Course Materials - Confident Risk-Taking and the Role of a Qualified Risk Director®

    • Course Materials - Investor Risk Governance

    • Course Materials - Enterprise Risk Management

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    Course Rating

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