Maria A. M. Hallack, MEng, Qualified Risk Director®, Chair of the Board, Balaroti Comércio de Materiais de Construção, Board Member, Vix Logistica, Marcopolo S.A.

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course; it addressed highly relevant topics and emphasized important principles such as the interdependence between strategy, seizing opportunities, and risk management."

Braden M. Perry, Qualified Risk Director®, Governance Counsel, Elected Official, Chairperson of the Board, Kansas State Board of Indigents' Defense Services

"James Lam's Integrating Strategy and Enterprise Risk Course is an excellent course on understanding the role of enterprise risk. As the world changes, the role of risk within business changes with it. From the fall of SBV to James's personal experience GE Capital Markets and Fidelity Investments, this course explores the use cases and examples that assist in learning how risk can be both an asset and a hinderance. "

Susan Holliday, Qualified Risk Director®, Board Member, Tangarine Financial, Acrisure Re

"A great overview of how to integrate risk into strategic discussions and board processes. Lots of practical examples and templates to put this into action "

Gerry Smith, Qualified Risk Director®, Board of Directors, Audit Committee Member, Herring Bank

"Would definitely recommend to those looking to become board members and/or those that have recently joined boards. Useful even to veteran board members as things in the business/regulatory world continue to evolve/change at a quick pace!"

James Dunigan, Qualified Risk Director®, Board Member, Provident Bank

"This course is a very useful tool in understanding on how to incorporate and ingrain risk management into an organization and the strategy process. The lessons are well organized and presented, include practical examples, helpful additional readings, and lecture key takeaways. I would highly recommend it for both new directors and risk committee members and as a useful review for experienced directors."

Willie Maddox, Qualified Risk Director®, Chief Risk Officer, Atlantic Community Bankers Bank

"Strategy is relevant to enterprise risk management when risks are taken with knowledge in pursuit of an organization's business opportunities. This course provides the framework and tools to integrate strategy with enterprise risk management, garner thoughtful dialogues, and build capabilities to help the board of directors and management achieve stated strategic objectives and manage critical risks."

Markus Krebsz, Qualified Risk Director®, Board Member and Chair of Audit Committee, Revolut Bank, Board Member, Yamgo Ltd

"This is a very well-designed course expertly delivered by a very well-know and respected global risk leader. The materials are both highly topical and current and have further been complemented by a welcome addition of practical reporting examples and info charts. The course is a must for risk leaders wanting to bridge the gap between strategy views at the board table and practical implementation challenges - highly recommended!"

Course Brochure

Through five lessons covering topics from risk appetite statements to best practices and feedback loops from the board to the Chief Risk Officer, James Lam brings unrivaled insight for you to use in your board risk governance responsibilities.