Included in Your DCRO Live Subscription

  • Positive Case Studies

    Nine times each year, a fellow board member or senior executive will lead a group discussion of a critical element of successful strategic governance using an example of what they know to have worked well. These 55-minute gatherings are popular venues to receive guidance on topical or transformative ideas. Attendees typically come from more than 20 countries and diverse industries.

  • Discussion Salons

    Organized around specific questions or challenges faced by a director or senior executive, these discussion salons are organized in short order and limited to very small groups. DCRO Live subscribers are invited to propose discussion questions that are of current interest to them or their colleagues. If approved, the DCRO Institute will organize a discussion group to address the issue.

  • Director Summits

    Featuring a blend of content and networking, these online gatherings allow boards seeking directors with exceptional skills in risk governance to meet and identify prospective future members.

  • Access to Recorded Sessions

    DCRO Live includes access to previously recorded positive case studies for playback any time.